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An overview of the many different stats that determine a PC's fighting capabilities, sex performance, appearance, achievements etc.The work on this page will take a long time before it is even close to being complete and will require help with new updates. Please add as much information as possible!

Certain Perks and encounters will be enabled or disabled depending on stats. Low stats, high Fatigue or high Corruption will also lead to a possible Bad End.It is also possible to max out stats at level 1 as well as have them drop repeatedly at high levels due to debilitating effects. There is no optimal build. A PC will find it useful to change them depending on the situation.

See (and/or edit!) detailed articles for more information on how they work and how to decrease/increase them.


  • 1 Stats Displayed In the Game Window
    • 1.1 Core Stats
    • 1.2 Combat Stats
    • 1.3 Advancement
    • 1.4 Game time
    • 1.5 Stats Button
    • 1.6 Perks
    • 1.7 Appearance
  • 2 Hidden Stats

Stats Displayed In the Game Window

Not all stats can be viewed directly inside the game but some can:

Core Stats

Core stats are always displayed to the left in the game window. There are seven of them:

  • Strength - Your physical strength. Increases physical damage and bow damage. Helps with physical special attacks and events requiring brute force.
  • Toughness - Your constitution. Extremely important. Increases your HP by 2 as well as maximum natural armor by 1. Tough PCs will be able to wield heavy items much more easily.
  • Speed - Your dexterity and quickness. Very important. Increases accuracy, evasion and both bow stats. Quick PCs will act sooner, hit much more easily and be able to avoid otherwise lethal situations.
  • Intelligence - Your mental sharpness and focus. Very important, especially to mages. Increases bow accuracy and magic damage, literacy, intuition and general knowledge about Mareth.
  • Libido - Your mental control over sexual desire. A double-edged blade. Significantly increases lust gains as time passes, lust damage done as well as lust damage received. New players, beware!
  • Sensitivity - Your physical control over sexual desire. Another double-edged blade, albeit way less drastic than libido. Increases physical lust gains and damage done. Can be easily changed.
  • Corruption - Your perversion and taint. The last and most dangerous double-edged blade; high corruption unlocks otherwise impossible encounters, but if you keep this high, control the situation or pay the price!

Strength, Toughness, Speed and Intelligence are capped at 1 minimum and 100 maximum.Sensitivity is capped at 10 minimum and 100 maximum.Libido is capped at 15 minimum and 100 maximum. Exceptions:

  • Genderless PCs have a minimum of 10;
  • Lusty Maiden's Armor increases this to 50 if lower than 50;
  • If current libido becomes lower than 2/3 of minimum lust at any time, it changes to 2/3 of minimum lust, making it harder to keep a low libido with high minimum lust.

Combat Stats

Also found at the left of the game window:

  • HP - Your physical health. Base 50. Currently maxed at 700. Affected by level (+15 until level 20, up to +300), toughness (up to +200) and Perks (up to +150).
  • Lust - Your sexual desire. Base 0, max 100. Affected by Perks, Shouldra's sexual frustration, wearing the Lusty Maiden's Armor, Libido and Sensitivity. Increases when being teased or stimulated.
  • Fatigue - Your exhaustion. Base 0, max 100. Magic and special attacks cost fatigue, as well as many actions. Lowered by resting, waiting or events/items. Extremely high Fatigue may lead to a Bad End.

0 HP or 100 Lust will lead to defeat. If this happens to you, your enemy will have some fun with you, steal 1..10 + half their level gems from you and you will remain unconscious for 8 hours.Note that being defeated may also lead to different consequences or even a Bad End, but this is not the case for most encounters.You may also engage in friendly or "competitive" spars. Sparring with friendly NPCs will never eat more than 1 hour, but note that you still need to recover HP/Lust/Fatigue afterwards.


At the left of the game window:

  • Level - Your current level. The higher your level, the more powerful, resilient and experienced your character becomes. There is no level cap.
  • Experience - Your current pooled experienced. Can be used to level up if high enough. No cap but hidden if over 9999.
  • Gems - The main currency in the world of Mareth. A small amount of gems and time will be lost upon losing a (real) fight unless a Bad End is triggered. No cap but hidden if over 9999.

Game time

At the bottom left:

  • Day - The current day in Mareth. Some events take place every n-th day. However, there is no day limit for your own adventure. Some quests or missions may have a time limit.
  • Time - The current time in Mareth. Day rises at 6:00 and night falls at 21:00. You cannot travel at night and cannot interact with camp between 23:00 and 4:00. Note that you can pull all-nighters via masturbation/meditation.

Stats Button

Clicking on the "Stats" button will display a long list of different stats. Some of this are listed as "invisible" although they aren't of course. At the beginning of the game, 13 (for males) or 15 (for female) stats are listed here. The two female and herm only stats are vagin*l Capacity and vagin*l Looseness. The other gender-specific stats are listed regardless of whether they are relevant to the character or not.Other stats appear as and when they become relevant. In the list below the ones that are present at the start are written with regular letters, and a selection of the ones that may be added and/or removed during the game are in italics.

  • Combat Stats
    • Bow Skill
    • Lust Resistance
    • Spell Effect Multiplier
    • Spell Cost
    • Tease Skill Level
  • Hidden Stats
    • Anal Capacity
    • Anal Looseness
    • Fertility (Base) Rating
    • Fertility (With Bonuses) Rating
    • Cum Production
    • Milk Production
    • Minotaur Cum Addiction
    • Pregnancy Speed Multiplier
    • vagin*l Capacity
    • vagin*l Looseness
  • Interpersonal Stats
    • Benoit Affection
    • Benoit Eggs Laid
    • Children With Izma
    • Children With Sheila (Joeys)
    • Children With Sophie
    • Children With Tamani
    • Children With Urta
    • Eggs Fertilized For Sophie
    • Ember Affection
    • Ember Eggs Produced
    • Helia Affection
    • Isabella Affection
    • Kid A's Confidence
    • Kiha Affection
    • Litters With Amily
    • Lottie's Encouragement
    • Lottie's Figure
    • Number of Adult Minotaur Offspring
    • Owca's Attitude
    • Sheila's Corruption
    • Submissiveness To Kelt
    • Rubi's Affection
  • Ongoing Status Effects
  • Miscellaneous Stats
    • Eggs Traded For
    • Spells Cast


Clicking on the "Perks" button will display a list of the perks you have gained.


Clicking on the "Appearance" button gives you a physical description based on your stats. Most of the stats here are not displayed as dry figures. Instead, they trigger various descriptive phrases. Sometimes the same phrase is used for a range of values so you can't always tell exactly what your appearance stats are.

A very incomplete list of stats shown or implied in the appearance description:

  • Height
  • Transformative Scores
  • Body Thickness
  • Muscle Tone
  • Weapon Equipped
  • Armor Equipped
  • Face Type
  • Ear Type
  • Horns
  • Tail(s) Type
  • Penis(es) Type(s)
  • Penis(es) Length and Width
  • Ball Size
  • Feet Type (Normal, Demon) (Probably other types too)
  • Skin Tone
  • Hair Length
  • Hair Color
  • Hip Size
  • Butt Size (Says if it is virgin)
  • Breast Size
  • Nipple Size
  • Numerous others (please add to the list!)

Hidden Stats

In addition to the many displayed stats there are even more hidden ones. These can only be viewed through Save Editing. It is even possible that some stats are not viewable or stored at all but are calculated based on other stats (this needs to be checked).

Stats - Corruption of Champions Wiki (2024)
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