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  • 3 Items
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    • 3.5 Key Items
  • 4 Locations
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  • 5 Yearly Events

Corruption of Champions

Corruption of Champions is an erotic text based and browser based flash game. The player assumes the role of a recently-extradited citizen of a village, where it has become a tradition that every year a "Champion" is chosen to battle against demons to protect the village. Thus, they have sent the player through a portal to an unknown dimension in which they will choose their own path in order to either fight the evil or embrace it.

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You, the Hero

You grew up in the small village of Ingnam, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds.Every year for as long as you can remember, your village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed Demon Realm.
Legend has it that in recent years Ingnam has failed to produce a champion, chaos has reigned over the countryside. Children disappear, crops wilt, and disease spreads like wildfire. This year, you have been selected to be the champion.

Character Creation

An in-depth guide to creating your character. Choosing will define what your character will be in-game and will influence many choices made later. Most of the traits selected can be changed, but starter perks and other selections are unchangeable.


A perk may be chosen each time the player levels up, if they meet the prerequisites. However, not all perks may be gained from levels. Many are from leveling up, but others come from specific events or transformative items.

Bad ends

Bad Endings are common in game and occur mostly due to losses, repetitive actions, or certain choices made by the player.


There are multiple choices one can make at the end of the game.


The various people, creatures, and entities you'll meet over the course of your adventures.

Camp Recruits

Camp Recruits are characters that the player can recruit to their camp. These characters can have special menus that the player can use to sell/buy items form the character or have different interactions which include sexual interactions, specials scenes involving several characters, item collection, or stat affecting events.

Persistent Characters

These characters, while unique (and usually named), cannot be recruited to the player's camp.These characters can have different effects on the player and their stats,their choices with other characters, and even influence other characters.(Note to self/other editors: this DOES include the naga in the desert.)


While exploring, the player may encounter a variety of random enemies. These enemies are unnamed and random each time, which means that the player will not encounter the same one during repeat encounters.


Items can have special effects in game and are a very important part of the game.

Transformative Items

Transformative Items (or TF) are things that will alter the physical appearance of the player.

Other Consumables

Some Consumables won't alter the player's physical appearance but have other notable effects. Some of these aren't used directly by the player but are instead materials used to make other Items.


Weapons are pieces of equipment that, when equipped, aid in combat by modifying physical attacks to deal more damage (including lust damage). Some have beneficial effects, such as improving the user's spellcasting ability.

Armor and Clothing

Armor is equipment that increases the player's defense rating when worn. Many armors also modify your tease attack. Some armor has other auxiliary effects, such as improving the wearer's spellcasting ability.

Key Items

Key items are things that can't necessarily be consumed, but unlock other things for the character. These Items, when obtained, generally allow for a wider variety of scenes or access to NPCs, areas, or specific locations the player normally wouldn't be able to access.


The world of Mareth is a distorted place, rendered unchartable by the land's magic. While travel within a location is stable, travel between places is far more accident than design. To deliberately travel to a place, the Champion must first stumble upon it through aimless exploration, but can then return to that area through force of will. This list shows many of the places you'll be able to find around the portal you emerge from. Unfortunately you'll need to find them yourself before you can get there.


Areas are places the player can explore in Corruption of Champions. While exploring an area, the player may discover other areas, along with specific locations, NPCs, and key items. However, random encounters and item pickups are going to be the most common.

  • Explore: The way to explore new areas and meet certain NPCs
  • Forest: The first area the player will discover, filled with imps, goblins, and corrupted plantlife.
  • Deepwoods: A deeper, darker area of the woods where Zetaz makes his lair, along with several other creatures.
  • Lake: A relatively peaceful lake with few enemies. Whitney has her farm by the lake.
  • Desert: A sandswept wasteland containing most of the few uncorrupted settlements left in Mareth. Somewhere in the depths of this desert, lies the city of Tel'Adre.
  • Mountain: A mountainous area that looms above the lake, primarily inhabited by hellhounds and minotaurs, though a Salon run by enterprising goblins can be found here where the Champion can adjust their hair for a fee of cum. The Demon Factory is here, its output polluting the lake, but cannot be found until the Champion meets Marae with the lake boat.
  • High Mountain: The upper portion of the mountains. Lethice's lair is located here.
  • Plains: A grassy plain that's home to the Bizarre Bazaar and the demon-ravaged village of Owca.
  • Swamp: A murky swamp primarily inhabited by driders.
  • Bog: The deepest part of the swamp, filled with strange creatures.

Specific Locations

  • Campsite
  • Tower of the Phoenix


Places in Corruption of Champions include cities, dungeons, and individual buildings, accessible from the "Places" button.

  • Bizarre Bazaar: A bazaar found in the Plains, straddling the border of corruption and civilization. Requires some Corruption to initially access.
  • Tel'Adre: A city hidden within the Desert, and the only truly safe place left in Mareth. Many diverse characters populate this refuge.
  • Lake Boat: A boat found docked at the Lake, which allows for rowing out to where the shark-girls and anemones swim. The island of the goddess Marae is also found here, where the Champion can learn of the Demon Factory.
  • Cathedral: An ancient cathedral inhabited by a lonely Gargoyle.
  • Farm: A farm by the Lake, owned by the dog-girl Whitney. Its peppers seem to ward off most demonic corruption. The cow-girl Marble and centaur Kelt can be met here, while a sufficiently evil Champion can take over the farm for their own and corrupt its owner.
  • Owca: A peaceful village in the Plains ravaged by frequent attacks from the demon Vapula, who the Champion can turn the tables on and make their own personal slave.
  • Town Ruins: The ruined remains of a town near the Lake. The only living resident there is the mouse-girl Amily, though it also has a ghostly presence in the form of Shouldra. The Weapon Rack and Armor Rack can also be acquired here.
  • Salon: A salon run in the Mountain by enterprising goblins who will adjust the Champion's hair for a fee of cum, either the Champion's own or sucked out from one of the salon's glory holes.
  • Oasis Tower: A ruin built to protect an oasis, its only inhabitant a herm shark/harpy hybrid called Minerva

Dungeons in Corruption of Champions are mostly for progressing through the story. Some dungeons are not necessary to the game and other dungeons have special interactions with special characters.

  • Demon Factory: A factory run by the Omnibus Overseer, where captives are kept constantly drugged and milked for their sexual fluids. The Champion can free the captive slaves either by shutting down the factory or by overloading it, an act which will corrupt the goddess Marae in the lake below.
  • Zetaz's Cave: The cave in the Deepwoods to which the imp Zetaz retreated after his humiliation by the Champion at their first encounter, hiding from the wrath of Lethice. It can only be found after clearing the Demon Factory.
  • Lethice's Lair: The final dungeon, home of the lord of all demons, where the Champion can fulfill their destiny.
  • Desert Cave: This cave is the home of a tribe of Sand Witches and can be found in the Desert after you've reached level 4.

Yearly Events

There are a number of special occurrences in Corruption of Champions which are programmed to only trigger when the dating system of a player's computer is set to a specific date.

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