Turmeric-Black Pepper Chicken With Asparagus Recipe (2024)



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Cory V

One of the best flavor to effort ratios of any meal I have made.


The recipe as-is was sort of ho-hum, so I substituted sliced white bread for the chicken, used peanut butter instead of asparagus, and grape jelly instead of turmeric. Served with a glass of milk and it was wonderful - rave reviews from everyone.


We made this with chicken breast instead of thighs, added thinly sliced onion when we added the asparagus and added some crushed red pepper. Served with basmati rice - this is the best dish we've made in a long time!

Mary J.

I used tofu instead of chicken and it was delicious!


Good as is, not great. It was too plain and too sweet. I cooked it in a wok, added charred cabbage, peanuts and cilantro. Less honey, more rice vinegar. Added soy sauce and chili crisp. Topped with cilantro and green onions. Now it's delicious!


I added in chopped garlic and ginger after browning the chicken. I also added the crushed red pepper to the honey mix. Delicious! It got rave reviews from the family.

shelley j

Cooked as written. Served over quinoa as we had some already cooked. Extremely quick, easy and tasty! Would potentially spice it up next time with some red pepper flakes, but would make again either way.


In a quest to avoid grocery shopping I had to work with what I had. Tofu instead of chicken, broccoli instead of asparagus, lemon instead of lime, served over some old rice vermicelli noodles I found in the pantry. Threw on some chopped peanuts for good measure because I like crunch. Was delicious! One small coronavirus silver lining is learning to become more adaptable.


There is nothing bland or ordinary about this dish. The flavors are both rich and sublime. The only changes I made were adding thinly sliced shallots with the asparagus, a pinch of red pepper flakes in the honey mixture, and a full tablespoon of rice vinegar at the end. I also reduced the honey to 1 TB. It’s a beautiful presentation with the golden chicken and green asparagus slivers. I served it over quinoa with apple arugula salad on the side. Will definitely be making this again!


Can’t remember the last time I made anything without either an onion or garlic! Made this exactly as stated, except for adding a pinch of red pepper. I did add the vinegar at the end- which is perfect! Very tasty and super easy! My family asked for a do over next week. Nice to have recipes with no hard to come by ingredients during the shelter in place!!


I’ve never felt so compelled to comment on a recipe. It was so easy, yet the result was so amazing and satisfying! I added red pepper flakes for an extra kick and served with creamy rice. Will be making again, often.


In the true use-what-you-have spirit of the recipe I made it with thin pork slices that I sliced into strips; romanesco cauliflower; and maple syrup instead of honey. I served it over rice noodles. I thought it was great and. I’ll definitely make it again.

Teresa M

This was really fabulous. Based on comments from other folks, I cut back the honey slightly, using 2 tablespoons. I also used chicken breast because that's what I had; it was plenty juicy and tender so the switch didn't cause any problems. One other thing I did was to add about a teaspoon of chili-garlic sauce (Tuong Ot Toi, from Huy Fong) to the honey mixture; added just a bit of kick, although the black pepper really takes center stage here. Don't be tempted to cut back on the black pepper!


So good and so quickly done! I used curry instead of turmeric which also works well.

Sharmila K

My husband made this for dinner tonight and had it with brown rice, pretty quick and easy. We added a little less honey and it tasted great. Would add some chili flakes next time for some spice. Overall a great dish.

Nice & Easy

Took the suggestions to try tofu and add plenty of crushed red pepper, both to excellent effect. Still, like others, I felt a little something might be missing — maybe water chestnuts or cashews next time with a tad more sauce?

prof d

Too sweet. I'll make again, but I'd cut the honey down to 1tsp or 2.


I have made this a dozen times. It's always easy and delish! For a fun change I used white pepper a couple of times and it was yum!!!


Such a clean and delicious dish Thank you!


I added two inches of freshly grated ginger and two finely chopped garlic cloves to the chicken before cooking. And in addition to the vinegar, I added a 2 teaspoons of fish sauce after taking it off the heat. These additions gave the dish a lot more flavor. For an added health benefit, try it over steamed brown jasmine rice!


Love this recipe! For a very simple addition that really changes the flavor, add two or three cloves of raw garlic very thinly sliced at the *end* of the step 4, right as you’re reducing the sauce a bit!


A weeknight winner for a growing family! Wow! This is absolutely perfect.


This is a regular weeknight meal, especially when Asparagus is in season: Quick and delicious.When asparagus isn't in season -- OR when people with asparagus sensitivity (such as kidney or bladder patients) will enjoy it -- regular green beans cut on the bias are a wonderful substitute.

C.P. Wolfe

Delicious - used a hot honey for the sauce to add an extra kick of heat, but it didn't overpower the dish. Will make again!

R Lusianti

The recipe as is was good. But add garlic and ginger, replace the rice vinegar with lime juice, and add crushed red pepper and it sings.

Laurie Zucker-Conde

Delicious and fast even without honey, which I didn't have. I used chicken tenders, which are easier to prep and cheaper. I salted the chicken before cooking and mixing with the other ingredients. The tumeric, pepper, and flour were a new way for me to make chicken, which with the rice vinegar was delicate, not overpowering as I'd thought. Put some soy and sesame oil at the end. I wondered if there's any difference between using corn starch and flour for quick frying?

Tom N.

Delicious. I used Vermont maple syrup instead of honey, and broccoli instead of asparagus.

Amy S.

Easy and delish. After reading notes of others I modified as follows: string beans and bell pepper for the veg; sautéed a small shallot before adding the chicken. I used 1.5 the amount of honey for more sauce and subbed Mikes Hot Honey for half of that. Peanuts for fun at the end. hubs says its a keeper

prep changes

I agree this is a super fast and easy recipe with terrific results. I used almond flour and reduced honey since the flour already has a sweetness to it. This small adjustment made this a keto and low-carb friendly meal!


Simple and delicious!

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Turmeric-Black Pepper Chicken With Asparagus Recipe (2024)


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