Somen Noodles With Poached Egg, Bok Choy and Mushrooms Recipe (2024)



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Perfect soup for cold nights. I used miso-ginger broth from Trader Joe's instead of water which gave it a deeper flavor. I also used soft boiled eggs instead of the swirled eggs suggested in the recipe -just easier for me.

Chuck H.

A perfect soup for a zero degree night in Vermont. I suggest one addition to make it perfect. The broth is a slightly weak so I added some brown rice miso to the broth by mixing 3 teaspoons of miso with about three tablespoons of hot broth and poured into each bowl after serving. It makes it much more flavorful and authentic. Thanks for the recipe.


if you were to add chicken to this, when would you do it... sorry for the non chef question...


I found the broth a little bland so added some vegetable base. I also cannot get the poached egg technique to work so I found a great shortcut - a coffee mug with 1/2 cup water- break the egg into the water and microwave for 30 sec - check and can add another 12 seconds if still not enough - you want the yolk to be shaky if you gently shake the mug. I have added anything from some leftover pork and chicken to matchstick carrots but MUST have the bok choy for that crunch and toasted sesame oil!


Well, now I have to add shiitakes to my “well-stocked” larder. While I appreciate the hint, this is not always available to all of us. What can be substituted for this otherwise simple dish?

Enid Coleslaw

Miso would work. Alternatively, you could try Japanese dashi packets. If you can find them, the Japanese brand Kamenoya has konbu and vegetable dashi packets, which you can infuse to make the stock. Just look around the Asian/Japanese section of your supermarket for something similar.


I used vegetable broth and added the white miso as another had suggested and the broth had a great flavor, especially with the egg yolk. The timing is a bit tricky, as you need the soba cooked before you can add the broth and cook the egg! Neat trick with cooking the egg in the soba both, very delicious with the additions.


This was delicious and truly simple and fast to make. I made a few modifications to increase flavor and decrease sodium a little. I used homemade chicken broth instead of water. Instead of 3T soy sauce I used 1T low sodium soy sauce, 1 T coconut aminos and 1T white miso paste.

William Zars

I used beef broth and a 4 oz. grass fed beef tenderloin sliced paper thin, added with the book Choi, and a teaspoon of fish sauce. Stirred the barely poached egg into the broth to give it a rich creaminess. Very good.


Omitting water from the ingredients list is a common recipe writing convention and it's meant to decrease clutter. Water differs from other ingredients. You don't need to check your pantry to make sure you have it before you start cooking, and you don't need to prep it advance. You might say the same thing about salt, but different recipes require different types, thus requiring clarification in the ingredients list. There's only one type of water used in cooking, and it comes from your tap.

Donna Joy

Although I did not make it it would seem to me using vegetable or chicken broth instead of water would improve the richness of this soup


As other commenters suggested, I tried this with vegetable broth instead of water. Also added some chili oil. I made this for a friend and it was so delicious.


Wonderful. Hearty but healthy. Couldn’t find shiitake mushrooms or bok choy locally so I used oyster mushrooms, a few dried porcini and kale - and a third less soy sauce. The broth was still rich and tasty.


Feeling under the weather and made this in under 20 minutes. Used Maruchan ramen (chicken mushroom) instead of somen, skipped the egg, and topped with sesame seeds. What a soothing delight!


Excellent and simple dish! I added extra msg (you can find it under the name aji no moto in Asian groceries). Added a splash of mirin as well during the cook. Some frozen corn and simple fried garlic were a nice touch to finish off the recipe. Will be repeating in the future!


I made the soup exactly as the recipe directed, and I loved it! The broth is mild but delicious. Instead of a poached egg I added some pan-seared heavily-peppered tofu and it hit.


Made tonite. After looking at all of the reader notes I made the following changes:Poached 1 lb boneless chicken breasts for 10 minutes in a mixture of chicken broth and water - sliced up and served with soupsautéed shallot vs scallions (had shallot on hand and not a scallion fan)Used 4 cups of vegetable broth instead of 3 cups of waterUsed soba noodles - 2 bundles (had soba noodles in the house)Hard boiled the eggs for 8 minutes and sliced in half to serve with soup - easier timing wise


Super easy, great for a weeknight. Broth is bland with water. I would try broth or adding miso next time.

Albert P

Added a few Japanese fishballs, and they added some nice, slightly sweet flavors to the dish.


Great idea—not so great result.I’m used to a thin broth. I’m ok w/ a mild broth.As written this broth was very bland.All the subtle nuance & richness of shiitake mushrooms just disappeared.A little white miso paste to the rescue.The rest of this is pretty standard. Pick your noodle. Sauté some veggies. Add a protein.Toasted sesame oil overwhelmed the other, far more delicate flavors. If you like sesame—cool. I do, if balanced. This wasn’t.All in all—meh.


This was just fine- lots of room to customize. Used veg stock and aded sriracha and a dash of rice vinegar at the end.

Karma M

Used 1 cup chicken broth to 2 cups water. Used fresh thin stir fry egg noodles from the Chinese market. Used 1 TB dark soy, 1TB lite soy, 1TB coconut aminos. Perfect sodium balance. Used duck eggs. Used young Chi broccoli instead of bok Choi. Used leeks instead of scallions. Used 1/2 fresh sh*take 1/2 white mushrooms. Excellent result!

Anna Stamborski

Added garlic, miso, and chili crisp- great!


This soup lacks pizazz. A bit of ginger, garlic, chili oil and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds would help.


This is a staple in our house. I add miso to taste at the end (mix separately then add) and sometimes split the shiitake with other Asian mushrooms as they can have a strong flavor, especially upon reheats throughout the week. We soft-boil an egg for 2.5 minutes and sometimes serve with furikake.

Ellen Z

Love this recipe for colder nights. Not one to leave things alone, I made some tweaks: I took the mushroom stems as well as some shrimp shells and various other vegetable odds and ends that I saved for the occasion and made them into a broth. I cut some tofu into cubes and added that as well as shrimp. Also, because it was sitting there, I added raw spinach along with the bok choy. Delicioso!

soup lover

Delicious and easy soup! I followed the other comments and used veggie stock instead of water and used 1tsp miso paste. I did still use the soy sauce but I thought it was a little salty so next time I will just do the soy sauce or the miso, not both.

Carol H.

We can’t use soy sauce so I add 3-4 minced garlic cloves and about 1 tablespoon of grated ginger while sautéing the mushrooms and scallions. Also add the bok choy to the pan to absorb some of the garlic/ginger flavor before adding the water. It always turns out great and is one of our favorite dishes. That it’s so easy and quick to make is an added bonus.

Cristle Bray

I made this last night and it was very tasty!

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Somen Noodles With Poached Egg, Bok Choy and Mushrooms Recipe (2024)
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