Roasted Cauliflower With Crispy Parmesan Recipe (2024)



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Sounds great and will try this. However, I have noticed that any time a recipe calls for roasting vegetables, the instructions call for tossing the vegetables with oil on the sheet pan. It is so much easier and more effective to do this in a bowl first, with oil and seasonings, then place on the sheet pan. They are much more evenly coated and less oil mess on the pan.


You could add a small amount of freshly grated lemon peel for brightness.

Kit Emory

Best when topped with fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley after taking it out of the oven but before it cools. Adds a wonderful dimension of flavor.


When I was a child, the friends grandparents had a cook who made this dish. She ground up breadcrumbs and parsley with the cheese. I remember this dish since I was 12 years old and I have made it many times since.


When you bake, and not broil, the bottom rack is the hottest


I basically did this (on my own) last night, adding some carrot chunks to the cauliflower and served over bowtie pasta. Delish & satisfying!


The key to roasting (as I learned here) is a delicate splash of cider vinegar. Not enough that you can taste it, but just enough to brighten the natural flavor. Really elevates any roasted vegetable.

Melissa J.

Has anyone tried making this recipe with an air fryer? Tips for suggested time and temp are welcome. Thank you!


For those asking what to serve…if you eat fish, a beautiful piece of roasted salmon and sautéed greens. If strictly vegetarian, the sautéed greens with balsamic roasted portobello mushrooms or a tricolor quinoa studded with colorful vegetables and pistachios.


Yum. Followed recipe almost exactly, added a pinch of red pepper flakes with salt/pepper/evoo. My oven has hot spots so rotated pan at halfway of first roast. Watched carefully after adding parm at second roast. Garnished with chopped Italian parsely, thought it needed just a bit of acid so hit it with a bit of lemon zest. Perfect!!! We love cauliflower sides with sautéed pork chops and an herb sauce or chimichurri, any roasted chicken, or a pasta with pesto and lots of greens.


I wish there were a video on how you cut your cauliflower. Do you just slice it in half and then pull of the florets, or do you continue to slice the whole cauliflower head?

Tess De Jung

I need more calcium for osteoporosis and I just found out that Parmesan is HIGH in calcium! This is a real winner!

Tracey A.

OMG that was absolutely delicious! We loved it so much and ate every little bit! I made it exactly as written except I used Pecorino instead of Parmesan. Oh man I could put that in a bowl and have just that for dinner!We get a CSA and Cauliflower is often in our box. We will be eating it this way a lot!Thank you so much for this recipe!


This sheet pan cauliflower recipe recommends shaving the Parm. It adheres very well to flat and curved surfaces.


I love roasted cauliflower and am dying to try this. My problem is that I never know what to serve it with. It seems that I always end up with all-white/tan meals, like chicken, rice, cauliflower. Green salad, of course, but I'd like to see what others serve it with.

Dawn Voorhees

I used my convection roast. Either turn it down 25° or do less time. The vegetables were overdone though delicious.


add a small amount of freshly grated lemon peel for brightness.When you bake, and not broil, the bottom rack is the hottestadded a pinch of red pepper flakesadd a small amount of freshly grated lemon peel for brightness.When you bake, and not broil, the bottom rack is the hottestadded a pinch of red pepper flakesaadd a small amount of freshly grated lemon peel for brightness.When you bake, and not broil, the bottom rack is the hottestadded a pinch of red pepper flakesd


This recipe is perfect. I personally like a bit of flavor burst even above and beyond what this dish provides so I top the cauliflower and Parmesan with some fried capers. They add some pizzazz on the initial serving but are even more fabulous as part of left-overs the next day.

Michele Sharpy

I make this often. In fact, the only way I eat cauliflower. Thanks for something so simple, NYT.


I add whole peeled cloves of garlic to the pan…delicious combination




To add color to your plate, the cauliflower takes the place of your starch (potato or rice, etc) and you add another green vegetable such as brussel sprouts, green beans, peas, edamame, broccoli or a green salad.


Very nice, per suggestions I topped it with freshly grated parmesan, to which I added a bit of lemon zest and a few pinches of bread crumbs (fresh or Panko). Served it as a side to Mattar Paneer, another great NY Times recipe! All vegetarian


Did exactly as instructed and everything turned out very well. Lovely, golden, and mildly crunchy. Loved the parmesan at the end. Looking forward to some of the additions described by other cooks. Thank you!


Perfect recipe. I'm vegetarian and I made this and served it with white beans in pesto and a radicchio salad. Yum.


Perfect. Crispy and delicious!


Use parchment paper to line the sheet pan.

Garden Mama

This is easy and delicious!

Tr. Martha

I almost always sprinkle on Tajin when roasting cauliflower. It adds that lemony background taste that comments say one can get from adding lemon zest too. I did it with this recipe and it was delicious! Tajin is one of my most favorite spice blends.


I have made this for several years with the addition of halved grape tomatoes. I also use olive oil spray which uses less oil, thus less calories, and is just as tasty.

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Roasted Cauliflower With Crispy Parmesan Recipe (2024)
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