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For men facial hair is just a way of life and it grows no matter what we do so we may as well have some fun with it, experiment with different styles, and grow it any way we see fit.

There are a ton of different beards and mustaches for you to choose from and they can all make your face stand out quite a bit. When it comes to mustaches there are a multitude of options to go with and of course some of them may be more suited for your particular facial features than others.

Skin color should never make a difference anywhere in life, but when we look at mustaches there are those styles which are particularly suited for black men. Just like white men can’t jump, there are also some mustache styles which really only black men can sport.

Today we’re here to talk about various mustache styles for black men, who they look good on, and how to maintain them. If you are a black guy and have always wanted a cool mustache, but don’t know which style to rock, you have definitely come to the right place, so let’s get right to it.

1 – The Handlebar

The handlebar mustache has been a staple of the facial hair world for a very long time now. For quite a while it somewhat fell out of popularity, but it has made a very big comeback, probably because it simply looks awesome.

It’s a fantastic mustache style for black men that have narrow and long faces because it serves to add some width to any face. The handlebar is a style of mustache where the hair on the upper lip is left to grow to anywhere from a quarter to half an inch in length.

It is then gently groomed to pull the hair outwards to the side of the mouth, often forming some kind of twist or curl on either end, a curl that stands out from the face at the sides and thus forms something like the handlebars on a bike.

This style requires a fair amount of maintenance because the mustache needs to be groomed outwards, twisted at the ends, and if you want it to stay in place you will need some kind of gel or wax to get the hold that you need. This style is very versatile because it can accompany virtually any beard style that a black man may have.

2 – The Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu mustache was of course made popular in Asia however it quickly migrated across the world to be become a beloved mustache style for all.

This style is great for black men with all kinds of facial types, and whether you have a long and narrow face, a wider face, or an oval shaped face, a Fu Manchu will work with pretty much any face. This is because it has elements of length and witch that serve to accentuate the natural shape of your face.

The Fu Manchu works great for black men because it looks fantastic with that curly black hair, making it look very full and vibrant. This style involves letting the hair on the upper lip grow out about a third of an inch in length and is accompanied by 2 vertical lines of hair that connect from the mustache and run down the sides of the mouth to the chin.

The Fu Manchu Mustache also requires a fair amount of labor because it involves shaving everything under your mouth, the neck, cheeks, and everything besides the mustache and accompanying vertical lines.

The A La Souvarov once used to be a very popular beard style and was widely worn in the 1800’s and the early 1900’s, yet it is quickly making a comeback into popularity due to its uniqueness.

The A La Souvarov is a perfect mustache style for black men with narrow faces because the width of the mustache serves to make your face look a little wider, thus making you look more proportionally even. The A La Souvarov involves having a short to medium length mustache that extends down the sides of the mouth to the jaw line.

This is accompanied by connecting sideburns that run from the hairline, down the jaw line, along the side of the face, and meets up with the mustache along the jaw line at the sides of the mouth to from one cohesive mustache and sideburn combination from ear to ear.

This mustache also requires a good amount of attention because it is best kept short, preferably under half an inch in length and you need to cleanly shave the rest of your face on a regular basis, at least every 2 days.

4 – The Bushy Mustache

An old man with a big mustache jutting out from his top lip like a big bush is exactly what you might picture when you hear the name of this style, and he’s probably wearing a monocle, top hat, and maybe even some kind of military uniform too.

It’s an old style and yet it has never really gone out of fashion, especially with older black gentleman and it works well for black men that have oval shaped faces. It’s a great mustache style to have because besides shaving your face on a daily basis it doesn’t require very much attention.

All you need to do is leave the mustache to grow at will and you have successfully achieved this style. These mustaches are usually anywhere from a third of an inch to 1 inch in length and can easily be trimmed using a groomer with a comb attachment for length control.

5 – Pencil Line Mustache

The pencil line mustache is perhaps one of the most popular styles of facial hair for black men. It works really well with all kinds of facial types, especially so for thin and narrow faces. This mustache simply involves having a very thin line of hair above the upper lip.

It is very versatile because it can be connected to loop around the mouth and can be connected to a pencil thin chin strap as well. The Pencil line mustache is pretty hard to maintain because it requires the use of a precision grooming tool to keep it thin, short, and even.

The Pencil line mustache is pretty hard to maintain because it requires the use of a precision grooming tool to keep it thin, short, and even.You need to carefully shave around it on a regular basis, preferably daily because it is generally kept very short in length and thus any stubble around it will take away from the overall look.


For those of your black men who just can’t decide on which mustache style suits you the most, your best bet is to go through some good old trial and error. The process of elimination is easy enough to go through and if you don’t like one style you can always move on to the next.

On a side note, if you are going to try different styles, start with the ones that have the most hair because if you don’t like it you can just shave down and go to a style with less hair.

Starting with the smaller mustaches, if you don’t like them, means that you will have to grow more hair to try the styles that involve longer hair, which will end up taking a lot longer to figure out the style that you want. A mustache can look great on any black man and it just depends on which mustache it is.

Try the styles we have listed above to see which one suits you the most and if you have any questions or comments to make about them please feel free to give us a shout.

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Mustache Styles For Black Men - Major Beard (2024)
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