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Bpost is the leading postal service in Belgium. They have more than 35,000 employees within the country and worldwide. Bpost aims to serve Belgians with a fast and reliable postal service at a reasonable price.

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What is Bpost?

Belgium's leading postal service, Bpost, offers cross-border commerce logistics and parcels delivery across Europe, North America and Asia. Bpost, which is the brand name for the Belgian Post Group, is also the most used postal service in its native country.

The multinational boasts more than 35,000 employees both in Belgium and worldwide, connecting consumers and businesses through its comprehensive mail and package delivery and commerce logistics service. Bpost's main courier and delivery competitors in Europe include Deutsche Post, TNT and Postnord.

Also, Bpost works with many only marketplaces to deliver products in the areas that it covers, including

How does Bpost work with other couriers to deliver mail?

The fact that Bpost has a presence in Europe, North America, and Asia is evidence that it operates on a truly international scale, which means added value for customers who choose to ship with Bpost. It also means that Bpost is involved with deliveries on a partial or last-mile basis, meaning that parcels shipped with Bpost may not travel the full distance with the company and indeed, parcels shipped with other couriers may make some of their journey with Bpost, in an arranged logistics partnership.

If this is the case, then you will need to use a multi-courier tracking tool in order to keep track of your parcels.

Ship24 offers just that and was created specifically to cater to customers who are worried about not being able to track parcels that are handled by different couriers at different points along the journey. It is no secret that the shipping industry has become a complex network of different shipping companies, which are increasingly working together to extend their shipment offerings to customers.

This is what is known as logistics solutions, and these solutions translate to meaning that a series of logistics companies will come together to deliver parcels. For instance, if you ship something from China to Belgium, your parcel will most likely be handled by one courier in China for the first part of its journey, then a second - more international - courier when it makes its transit to the destination country, before being handed over to another courier in the destination country for the final leg of its journey (such as Bpost).

Before, this presented a series of problems with tracking, as some couriers were unable to track other couriers along part of the journey, meaning that individuals and businesses either had to switch their tracking as their packages switched couriers, or worse still, wouldn't be able to track them over a certain part of their journey.

This is where Ship24 came in, to allow universal courier tracking no matter how many different couriers track your parcel. In fact, Ship24 scans thousands of online shops and couriers worldwide with just the click of a button, providing a one-stop-shop for tracking your parcel and ensuring everyone involved has the best post-purchase experience possible.

Where is Bpost located?

Bpost offices in a number of international locations, including in North America, Asia, and of course Europe. However, its headquarters are still located where it was founded, in Brussels at the Muntcenter (Bisschopsstraat). However, Bpost's hundreds of premises located around the world all serve a number of different purposes and functions and they are all not directly involved with Bpost shipping services or Bpost parcel delivery functions.

Some are office spaces that are just in control of running the website, dealing with human resources, and so on. Therefore, when tracking a Bpost parcel you should note that a parcel will not necessarily travel through a specific Bpost address, even if it is close to your house, as the Bpost location may not be involved with Bpost parcel delivery.

Furthermore, Bpost also works as a logistics solution, meaning it is often involved with part of the journey of a shipment and not the full journey. Therefore, your Bpost parcel may not necessarily make its way to its final destination in a way you would expect, but instead, be rerouted via another country or service.

However, the good news is that you don't need to worry about the route it will take as you can always keep up to date with the location and status of your parcel with Ship24.

Ship24 tracks all the couriers and does all the hard work for any Bpost parcel so you don't have to, just let us know the Bpost tracking number you want to find on the Ship24 websites, and you'll get information back instantly on your Bpost package.

What is the history of Bpost?

In early 2000, Belgian Post transitioned from a public enterprise to a public limited liability company. Six years later, a partnership agreement was made with Post Danmark and CVC Capital Partners, in which an agreement was signed with the Belgian Government, and the two acquired around 50 per cent of the Belgian Post for a reported figure of some 300 million euros.

Post Danmark was been selected by the Belgian Government for the partnership because it recognized that it could help significantly modernize Bpost. Today, that plan is still in motion, with the aim to be for Bpost to be among the leading postal services in Europe.

Additionally, Bpost international group has also invested in building sustainability into its core, with an eco-minded, planet-friendly approach, which is popular among customers and shareholders.

What kind of services does Bpost offer?

Bpost offers a number of core services, which include domestic Bpost parcel, package and letter sending, international shipping, e-commerce logistics solutions, and packaging (if you do not have your own to provide) among other services.

As well as postal services and last-mile courier delivery, Bpost also offers direct marketing, insurance options, banking facilities, and electronics-related services in what is an increasingly competitive EU market.

How big is Bpost?

In recent years, Bpost (the Belgian Post Group) has generated turnovers of more than 4,150 million euros from its worldwide operations and is one of the largest employers in Belgium.

Bpost is increasingly used by e-tailers and online merchants as a solution for the transportation and delivery of e-commerce orders. As new online marketplaces and e-shops continue to bring new availability for products from across the world, the demand for international shipping has grown exponentially.

Bpost is one of the international postal services which has become integral for the forwarding and delivery of shipments from e-commerce centres such as China, to Europe and North America.

How do I track my Bpost package?

In order to track your package, you can either use the Bpost international tracking service, which is provided directly by Bpost. Or if your package is heading internationally, customers are advised to conduct their Bpost tracking on Ship24.

The difference between these two services is that the Bpost tracking only covers Bpost parcel tracking, whereas Ship24 covers hundreds of different couriers worldwide, as well as Bpost.

This means that if your Bpost package is handed over to another courier at any point, you can still continue tracking a Bpost parcel on Ship24. In order to remove the worry that tracking will not be available should a parcel be handed over, people are using the end-to-end, multi-courier tracking capability of Ship24 to make sure they don't miss any tracking events associated with their parcel.

Ship24 is universal, meaning no matter where you are or your parcel, we'll deliver information on it to you, 24/7.

To get started, just enter the Bpost parcel tracking number on the Ship24 website. This is the code that you will receive by email, text message, or at the checkpoint of the Bpost (or e-tailers website). If you are a business and looking to take your Bpost tracking to another level, why not check out our tracking API and tracking Webhook functionality, for superior tracking capability.

How can I track my international Bpost?

When it comes to tracking your international Bpost parcel, you can rely on Ship24 to do the tracking for you. Ship24 is a universal tracking system that allows you to follow your parcels every step of the journey. You can track over 1200 couriers and you can also track up to 10 parcels at the same. You will get results within a few seconds.

Tracking your parcels is simple, look for your Bpost tracking number. This can be found on the parcel itself, the shipping label, or the receipt. If you have not received the tracking number from those, you can check your email address and find it there instead.

After you found the tracking number, all you have to do is copy the tracking number on the homepage and wait for a few seconds to get your results. Ship24 will provide you with all the information that you need.

How long does Bpost take?

Bpost delivery time is determined by the size, weight, and service (which will, in turn, determine the transportation method) of each package. On the Bpost website, you will need to enter this information before an accurate estimated delivery time for your Bpost parcel can be produced.

In general, all Bpost packages are delivered domestically by the next working day. According to the company, over 90 per cent of the parcels sent with Bpost are delivered within this timeframe.

The Bpost international shipping time can vary from 10 to 25 days depending on the destination. The time difference between sending a Bpost package to Asia than to send it to North America will obviously be different. Wherever you are sending your Bpost parcel, you can be reassured that you can access universal shipping regarding the origin or destination of your Bpost shipment with Ship24.

Ship24 offers full international Bpost tracking on all registered parcels sent with the company.

When sending a parcel with a Bpost, buyers should bear in mind that the maximum weight of a parcel able to be sent by Bpost is 30 kg, and the maximum size is 150 cm.

How long does Bpost take to ship to the USA?

Bpost delivers around the world, wherever you are. The estimated time of delivery to the US may take up to 10 to 15 business days depending on your region.

Please keep in mind that several factors could affect the delivery timeframe.

Can I send a parcel internationally with Bpost?

As well as being one of the largest postal operators in its founding country, Belgian, Bpost also offers Bpost international parcel delivery services to some 27 countries worldwide.

The Bpost international parcel delivery service is as straightforward as sending a parcel domestically and requires the same preparation. To send a parcel internationally with Bpost, you will just need to make sure you have the recipient's address, adequate packaging (or you can purchase packaging from Bpost), and know your nearest Bpost drop-off centre.

Remember to find all your Bpost tracking needs once you have sent your parcel at the universal shipping site, Ship24, with just your Bpost tracking number.

Does Bpost deliver on weekends?

Unlike other postal companies that do not work on weekends, Bpost does make deliveries on Saturdays. However, Saturday Bpost deliveries do come with a 2 euro fee on top of the parcel's original price.

However, Bpost does still not deliver on Friday, so if you want a parcel to be delivered by the next working day, although you can send parcels on Saturday they will not be delivered until Monday.

  • If you need a parcel delivered on Saturday, you can submit it to Bpost in good time on Friday and expect a Saturday delivery once the extra fee is paid (and providing that the weight and dimensions of the parcel do not exceed the maximum amount as is stated on the website).
  • If you want to track your parcel to make sure it will be delivered in the time specified, you can keep up to date with the latest Bpost tracking details with the universal tracking application, Ship24. Just using the Bpost tracking number, Ship24 can give you end-to-end, free of charge Bpost tracking whenever you need it. Join the millions tracking their parcels worldwide with Bpost and hundreds of other couriers at Ship24 today, and discover how reassuring it is to know all your tracking needs are available in one place.

Is Bpost expensive?

If you need to send a parcel to Belgium, the delivery prices start from €4.40. But, if you are interested in sending a parcel to another part of the world, the international service costs start from €9.95. Prices will increase as the weight and size increase on your parcel, with prices also depending on the distance that your parcel will need to travel to reach its destination as well as the method of transportation.

Slow transportation methods (such as by rail and sea), will generally be cheaper as they take longer. Whereas faster methods of transportation used by Bpost, such as by air, will be more expensive but should offer a much tighter delivery turnaround on a Bpost package. The price you choose to pay will depend on your preferences in regard to the aforementioned.

How can I contact Bpost?

You can contact the Bpost parcel delivery service directly by phone line. There are two direct numbers, one which is a private individual number for individual customers wanting to query a single parcel and the other is a business number for commercial inquiries.

Bpost Direct Numbers

  • Individual Number: 02 278 50 44
  • Business Number: 02 201 11 11

Times of Call Center Services

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. Then 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the evening.
  • Saturday: 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. The phone lines are closed in the afternoon.

Please note, that waiting time may vary, zonal rates will apply, and international calls may not be able to connect. If you are trying to connect from overseas, you can also contact Bpost online, through a contact form which you can find on their official website.

If you are calling about a tracking concern, make sure you have searched the latest Bpost tracking information on the Ship24 website

BPOST Tracking | Track Bpost Parcel & Shipment Delivery - Ship24 (2024)
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